We'll talk about the unique ways your chronic illness affects your life and your relationships.

Living Well with Chronic Illness Therapy is ideal for individuals, couples, or families who are:

  • Recently Diagnosed.  Receiving the news that you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a chronic illness can bring up a flood of emotions from anger, to sadness, to denial, to fear.  We’ll work through and process these emotions- leading you towards a space of greater understanding and acceptance.  

  • Battling "Pain Brain".  Pain Brain is my affectionate term for the effect chronic physical illness, particularly those that cause severe pain such as Sickle Cell Disease, can have on our mental health.  Often experiencing extreme pain can leave the mind in a state of dissolution.  Feelings of anxiety, depression, fear, and hopelessness creep in and it can be hard to see an end to the suffering.  There are techniques to fighting against these thoughts and emotions that will help you remember that “this too shall pass.” 

  • Navigating Life Transitions.  The ability to live well with your chronic illness can look different at different life stages. Things like going away for school, working a full time job, or traveling can have different effects on your illness and how you manage it. 

  • Building Relationships.  It’s one thing to figure out how to live well with your chronic illness on your own, but there are new challenges that may arise as you begin to try and build fulfilling relationships, have a healthy sex life, and/or plan for a family. 

  • In Need of a Safe Place to Vent.  Being the loved one of a person living with chronic illness can be really complicated.  At times you may feel like your needs take the back seat to their health, or you may struggle with the challenges of being a caretaker and significant other all at once.  Talking to your loved one about these things may be tough, but you also need a place to feel supported and understood.  This is your space.  We’ll talk about what you’ve been going through and find ways to help you connect with your loved one and get the support you need. 

Living well with chronic illness has a very personal meaning for me.  I have Sickle Cell Anemia and know first hand what it is like to navigate through life with chronic pain and other complications. I do not pretend that my experience in any way makes me an expert on yours.  However, I do think it offers me a unique perspective and different level of understanding that I can use to assist you on your journey.