As rewarding as relationships can be, they can also be quite challenging.

Couples therapy is helpful when:

  • Communication Breaks Down.  You and your partner just can’t seem to have a conversation without it turning into an argument; you’re feeling like you just don’t know how to meet each other's needs; you used to be on the same page about issues but now you don’t even seem to be reading the same book.

  • Considering Next Steps.   You’re feeling like it’s time to take the next step in your relationship (moving in, getting married, having a baby/starting a family) and want to make sure you’re ready.

  • The Thrill is Gone.  You find yourself missing those “just started dating”, can’t get enough of each other, butterflies in your stomach feelings.  Your intimate connection has changed.  Maybe there’s no more romance or your sex lives have changed do to changes in your bodies, differences in desire, sexual dysfunction, painful sex, sexual trauma, pregnancy, or hectic schedules. Regardless of the reason,  you’re wondering where the thrill has gone and how to get it back. 

  • More Than Two.  When you’re thinking about exploring or in a non-monogamous, “monogam-ish”, or polyamorous relationship and need some help working through the details.

  • This Could Be The End.  Things just haven’t been working out lately.  You feel like you’ve tried everything and you're wondering if breaking up, separating, or getting divorced might be the best option for you and your partner(s)’ happiness. 

We'll talk about what you and your partner(s) have been going through, and work to help achieve the relationship you deserve and desire.